👋 Hi I'm Jasen!

I live near Austin Texas. I love community, chickens 🐔 and growing my own food 🌱

What I do = 💻 + 🔨

I'm a web developer, and very passionate about the Open Source ecosystem and methodologies. My preferred languages are bash and javascript, and frontend frameworks are Vue.js/Nuxt.js (but I can React and Angular too). Most of my adult life I have worked as a carpenter and builder, but I have always loved computers and electronics. I found Linux many years ago (after getting the blue screen of death); and have not turned back since, this has proven quite useful as most of the web now runs on Linux. After 25 years as a carpenter and builder; I decided to make a career change and follow my passion in tech and developing software.

Fun Facts

I can 🛹 kickflip a 4 stair, and make fire 🔥 with just things lying around the forest.

☕ Let's have coffee

Feel free to reach out to jasen at jasenmichael dot com or DM me on Twitter, I am also on GitHub, and LinkedIn.

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