IT Consulting Services

consulting services, systems engineering services, procurement services, LAN/WAN design and installation, Internet access, Web and E-Mail support services, Internet and network security, and security systems integration.


Architecture, Planning & Infrastructure Services

Every well-made solution stems from a well-made plan. Our engineers assure proper system design\planning through knowledge and hard earned experience. We offer disaster recovery plans\systems, technology needs assessments, wireless assessments\walk-throughs, vulnerability and risk assessments, and many other design and planning related solutions.



Remote Support

Through the use of State-of-the-art remote support tools, we can also assist you in resolving issues remotely over the Internet within MINUTES rather than hours. Our onscreen assistance software allows us to bring a qualified technician right to your computer working alongside you just as they would in your home or office over a secure connection.




Procurement, Repair & Upgrades

I can procure just about anything from workstations, servers, laptops, software, or network appliances and we can offer them to you at competitive pricing. We also offer on-site service for the repair or installation of said parts or machines. We can also update your business critical software and troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing. Our technicians and engineers work with the hardware and software vendors directly so you don’t have to.



Digital & Physical Security

I offer a number of solutions to help secure your most private data and physical inventory, ranging from utilizing hardware firewall appliances and anti-virus protection to video surveillance and key-card access systems.



Internet Development & Consulting

I can also develop your company or personal website, or we can create powerful database-driven web based applications. We offer all of our development clients an easy to use back-end to control site content in real-time, no waiting for a change request to be processed. We can also edit or improve your existing site as well.